PIB Bodex

J.K. Bordulak s.j.

ul. Portowa 5
67-200 Głogów
tel./fax: 0-76 835-28-06

About Us

Bodex firm is located in the region of an active business (Street Port 1 in Glogow). Nearby there are 30 companies of various profiles of activity-related - building industry, installation industry, trade and transport.

Our management personnel have high qualifications, powers of installation and construction and a lot of experience.

We work on the basis of modern construction technologies. Rich experience, which the company has gained over the years, their activities allow short terms of investment performance at a high technological level.

The company with large capabilities and hardware transport operates in a wide range of construction sites in the Lower Silesia region and throughout the country. We have a broad base hardware, which is regularly upgraded to meet the latest standards, so we can work in all conditions.

Contracts executed by us, both within the district głogowskiego plants KGHM Polish Copper SA, as well as throughout the country are backed by a number of reliable references, confirming our strong position in the regional market for installation and building industry. The economic environment is favorably oriented to the activities of local enterprises, which favour plans for further development.

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